0.9.31 Changelog

Added (2) Added VBSP flag -upgradeversion which upgrades an existing BSP to Strata Source BSP version 25 Added mountinfo executable to print search paths used by the game Fixed (5) Fixed ahop +strafe speed nerf not working if strafe keys were held (game/issues/2144) Fixed some displacements in older maps having no collision when traceray_force_vphysics is enabled Player can no longer flat shark while crouching Player doesn’t get grounded while attempting flat sharking Water friction ticks are applied immediately at the start of flat sharking Improved (4) Improvements to RJ water consistency (game/issues/1363) Replaced dump_entity_sizes with cl_dump_entity_sizes and sv_dump_entity_sizes Replaced dumpentityfactories with cl_dump_entity_factories and sv_dump_entity_factories Replaced dumpentitynamespaces with cl_dump_entity_namespaces and sv_dump_entity_namespaces

May 7, 2024

0.9.30 Changelog

Hi all! This update introduces some experimental water movement changes in TF2-based modes that we’re looking for feedback on, which you can play with with mom_mv_tf_flat_sharking 1 and different mom_mv_tf_shark_vertical_speed values. Get sloshin'! Added (3) Experimental sharking movement in TF2 based modes which removes water bobbing RNG mom_mv_tf_flat_sharking cvar to control sharking movement (defaults to 0) mom_mv_tf_shark_vertical_speed cvar to control how much extra speed to add to rocket jumps while sharking Fixed (14) Can fire stickybombs with zero ammo (game/issues/2137) Increased value of sv_max_allowed_developer to 99 Increased value of sv_max_allowed_net_graph to 99 Player can no longer fire sticky bombs in the buffer period when out of ammo Player can no longer instantly re-duck in RJ and SJ (fixes losing speed in some water jumps while crouching....

April 8, 2024

0.9.29 Changelog

Added (7) Added mom_df_cpm_rocket_method to control the calculation of horizontal CPM rocket knockback Added mom_df_cpm_rocket_thresh to control the horizontal CPM rocket knockback threshold Added mom_df_smooth_duck cvar to control whether ducking is smooth in Defrag Added mom_play_land_sound cvar to control landing sounds Added theming support for imgui Added Defrag hitscan (Shotgun & Gauntlet) weapons (game/issues/1933) Momentum can now play the MomPlayer.LandSoft and MomPlayer.LandHard sounds on landing. Fixed (2) Fixed crash when creating a prefab in Hammer Horizontal rocket knockback in CPM is now more lenient Improved (1) Ducking and unducking in defrag is now smoothly animated by default....

March 13, 2024

0.9.28 Changelog

Hi! As usual, most work is being done on our internal 0.10 branch. This update fixes certain cvars being locked being sv_cheats 1 since removing -mapping mode, and a crash on close that we introduced last update. We also have various fixes to the PBR shader, and should have some new PBR materials coming in the near-ish future! Added (3) Added GameInterfaceAPI.GetCurrentMap to Panorama Added PBR parallax dithering to smooth out the appearance of layers Added packed_files_list to view files packed into the BSP Fixed (7) Fixed crash when exiting the game using the close window button Fixed PBR parallax using texture coordinates from the layer below the correct one Fixed WVT and PBR materials not rendering properly when used on displacements (game/issues/2027) Fixed some objects not rendering in Hammer 2D views Fixed window size bug on Linux Re-enable $depthblend in SpriteCard shader cl_drawhud, r_drawclipbrushes and various other debug commands no longer require sv_cheats 1 Improved (1) Hlmv link mode now syncs light state and colors Other (1) mat_softwareskin / mat_softwarelighting allows for more accurate vertex normals (game/issues/960)

March 5, 2024

0.9.27 Changelog

Hi all! This update removes the dreaded -mapping launch option, so Learn section, zoning commands and various convars like host_timescale can be used without it, so long as you have sv_cheats set to 1. This refactor was a major item of our 0.10.0 todo list, but made sense to get into the Steam branch straight away. Also, this update should actually fix Defrag movement. It’s been a very hard bug to replicate and fix, but this time we think we’ve finally squashed it :)...

February 21, 2024