0.9.26 Changelog

Hi all! As before, most of our current work is happening on a separate 0.10.0 branch, which we aim to get out on Steam in the nearish future. Most noticable thing in this update is a fix to Defrag movement (thanks Lumia), as well as a significant improvement to map loading times, thanks to some filesystem optimizations by OzxyBox. Added (3) Added ’enable’ key to mounts.kv, to allow entries to be selectively disabled Added a status indicator for validity of autosave paths in the Hammer options dialog Running in tools mode will now display [Tools Mode] in the window title Fixed (8) Fixed CSM fading out unintentionally on PBR brushes Fixed incorrect lighting on PBR shader in some cases Fixed lightmappedreflective combo error Fixed particle editor crash when adding a new operator Fixed tools mode closing/swapping input when scrolling with the mouse In Hammer, use non-native file selector for instances when running under WINE Use the Strata icon for the engine instead of the old Chaos icon mom_mv_df_physics resets all relevant cvars Improved (3) HLMV now uses the same audio system as the game....

February 7, 2024

0.9.25 Changelog

Refactored (5) Removed the Chaos prefix from any Panorama panels/panels that had it. ChaosHud is now Hud, ChaosMainMenu is now MainMenu, and so on. Removed the Chaos prefix from any Panorama events that had it. ChaosFrameUpdate is now FrameUpdate, ChaosShowIntroMovie is now ShowIntroMovie, and so on. Renamed chaos_hud_menu_show command to hud_menu_show Renamed chaos_hud_menu_hide command to hud_menu_hide Renamed chaos_hud_menu_reload command to hud_menu_reload Removed (2) Removed ChaosPopupManager from Panorama. Use PopupManager instead....

January 20, 2024

0.9.24 Changelog

Hey all! Just a note about updates, we’re hard at work on 0.10.0 currently and rarely pushing out 0.9.X updates due to that. In the meantime, here’s some minor fixes and goodies that have been done by other developers working on their Strata games: Added (2) Added support for Ogg and FLAC audio files via libsndfile Added support for continuing demos recordings after disconnect (Requires demo_autorecord 1) Fixed (10) Faceposer no longer crashes when right-clicking in the Phoneme Editor Fixed ‘black’ shader not respecting fog like it should Fixed Hammer 3D Shaded Textured Polygons View looking blown out Fixed a case where the uphill slope fix could incorrectly stop the player’s movement Fixed displacement carve normal direction combobox not having expected entries Fixed models in hammer getting randomly colored when the entity didn’t have rendercolor kv Fixed nodraw button disabling some helpers Fixed nodraw button in hammer not hiding all non-default nodraw faces Fixed occasional materialsystem deadlock when loading maps Unhid some cvars related to bloom (mat_bloomscale, mat_bloom_scalefactor_scalar) Improved (11) Added on/off parameter to god, notarget, and buddha commands to match noclip behavior Allow fgd flags key type to have long name and a description Creating displacement from brush entities will now move the solid to world Hammer entity properties dialog should now set origin when creating brush entities Improved compile times on models with large amounts of flexes Improved support for Mp3 audio files by replacing minimp3 with libsndfile Improved texture browser responsiveness Made KZ gamemode cvars more reasonable SAPI phonemeextractor now can actually extract phonemes Texturebrowser now stores state of its filters The game will now only fail to launch if the same Strata-based game is already running (instead of general Source games)

December 19, 2023

0.9.23 Changelog

Gamemode System (6) All ConVars with gamemode-specific values can now be viewed with mom_print_modevars. This shows which ConVars are supported by the current gamemode and their default values. Added new ConVars for offline customization of gamemode movement: mom_mv_limit_ground_speed, mom_mv_limit_jump_speed, and mom_mv_limit_jump_speed_factor Renamed or refactored some ConVars. Use mom_print_modevars to see an updated list of ConVars relevant to gamemodes. Removed the “Unknown” gamemode. Added mom_gamemode_fallback, which specifies which gamemode should be used when the game can’t determine an appropriate gamemode from the current map....

October 18, 2023

0.9.22 Changelog

Added (4) Added a mandatory whitelist file for panorama’s AsyncWebRequest function. The -unrestrictedwebrequests launch argument will skip this file and allow all requests Added option to set paint colour from surface normal (mom_paint_color_from_normal) (game/issues/951) Added support for escape sequences \n, \t, \", and \\ in VMF and BSP #60 #1899 Added support for multiroot KV1 in kv3t. Fixed (17) Crash when firing Defrag machine gun or railgun Fixed Hammer crashes related to entity outputs Fixed Hammer crashes related to saving and loading files Fixed -multirun not working #882 Fixed player_speedmod not working in singleplayer when inputs are not called directly from the player Fixed certain VTFs failing to load due to added resources (game/issues/1223) Fixed explosive decals appearing on both sides of thin brush surfaces (game/issues/1929) Fixed hammer block tool creating brushes that stick out 0....

October 7, 2023