0.9.21 Changelog

Added (3) Added CSM and flashlight to lightmappedreflective Added gameui_activate command to Steam Input command list Added zoom, toggleconsole, showconsole and hideconsole commands to be usable in steam input Fixed (7) Adjusted folder mounting order to fix wrong assets occasionally being used Change default engine cubemap from de_vertigo’s to a black cubemap (game/issues/2074) Fixed Hammer inserting extra quotation marks for compile commands #753 Fixed VBSP not always acknowledging parameters in patched materials Fixed flashlight making some opaque water disappear Fixed the map name not displaying in the top right corner #912 Made ModelPanel rotation speed consistent regardless of FPS Improved (7) Allowed the game to run alongside other Source games without -multirun #268 Displacements now use the more accurate VPhysics collisions by default (traceray_force_vphysics 1) Ported Hammer Arch and Torus dialogs to Qt Ported Hammer Map Diff dialog to Qt Removed SFUI prefixes from all localization files Unamed instances can now use func_instance_io_proxy Update Audio Settings to use new MixGroups (game/issues/2097)

September 7, 2023

0.9.20 Changelog

Added (3) Added ModelPanel methods to change/enumerate flexes Added ModelPanel methods to change/enumerate pose parameters Added ModelPanel methods to change/enumerate sequences Fixed (5) Equip Defrag machine gun on spawn Fixed displacement tool sometimes making 2D views to not update Fixed logic_branch not firing _OnLogicBranchRemoved to its listeners Fixed panorama not loading images when game was started with +map Fixed point entities in 2D view not drawing outlines and text Improved (11) Game no longer creates soundcache directory in maps folder when not needed Logical view in hammer now draws its title Made vmf saving a little bit more robust to not keep corrupted file on crash Move to visgroup dialog now shows user visgoups as well Overlays in hammer should no longer z-fight with wall they are on Panorama now can handle texture reloading without freaking out Removed max limit on texlights in vrad Toggling maximized view in hammer now doesn’t break active mouse look Transform dialog now shows 1 as placeholder when scaling Un-developered sv_soundemitter commands material_modify_control now should be able to handle when materials are modified by vbsp (cubemap fixup or wvt patch) on newly compiled maps

August 22, 2023

0.9.19 Changelog

Hello! We added support for including introductions in our autogenerated changelogs! This week we’ve made various QoL improvements to the console, which should now feel much more like the traditional VGUI version (thanks rio!). We’ve also improved the railgun sounds (thanks Mango!) and conc textures a bit (False_!), and explosions no longer release revolting blue goo (also False_!). Console (10) Console autocomplete and history can now be navigated with tab and shift+tab, like in other games Console input is now immediately filled in when navigating the autocomplete menu (game/issues/1776) Autocomplete now correctly shows the first 100 results alphabetically out of all matches, instead of just the first 100 found Input history no longer saves empty or duplicate inputs The backtick key () will now always close the console if it is open (controlled by con_backtick_always_closes`) Closing the console now also automatically closes the game menu Pressing ESC will now clear the console input box if it has text, otherwise it will close the console Closing the console no longer clears the input box automatically Opening console no longer opens the main menu (game/issues/1966) Remove blank lines from console history (game/issues/1972) Added (1) Exposed SetSelected(bool) on RadioButton in Panorama JavaScript API Fixed (3) Fixed Panorama UI controller movement always moving right no matter the input direction Fixed shaded textured view not working Missing null check in sensitivity calculator resulted in ‘NaN’ in input box Improved (7) Hammer fix map dialog now will try to warn about unused keyvalue typos of existing keyvalues are not set, instead of suggesting to remove them Hammer options dialog now only saves settings when pressing OK button Hammer options dialog now updates 2D/3D views when changing visual settings Panorama XML parsing errors should now give more context to the error Updated Conc models and textures (game/issues/2090) Updated Railgun sound (game/issues/2089) Updated explosion decals (game/issues/2091)

August 15, 2023

0.9.18 Changelog

VPhysics Traces (6) VPhysics traces now report complete hit surface info Fixed VPhysics traces sometimes not hitting displacements, especially more axis-aligned ones Fixed VPhysics point traces not hitting brush entities Improved performance of VPhysics traces against displacements VPhysics traces now generally behave more like non-VPhysics ones Added traceray_test command for testing collision trace behavior Added (7) Added input for setting mouse sensitivity in distance per 360 (game/issues/2047) Added ConVar “traceray_force_vphysics” for testing (1 = Use VPhysics collisions for displacements, 2 = for everything) Added ConVar “traceray_unshrink_vphysics_brushes” which unshrinks VPhysics-type brush entities Added Railgun, Lightning Gun, and Machine Gun to Defrag Added mom_df_knockback_method cvar to control how the Defrag splash damage bounding box is calculated Added mom_df_lg_damage cvar to control lightning gun splash damage mom_df_lg_radius cvar to control lightning gun splash radius Fixed (5) Fixed crash when omitting certain child elements from the Panorama loading screen panel Fixed crash when popup-manager....

August 9, 2023

0.9.17 Changelog

Fixed (7) Added ConVar “traceray_force_vphysics” for testing (1 = Use VPhysics collisions for displacements, 2 = for everything) Added ConVar “traceray_unshrink_vphysics_brushes” which unshrinks VPhysics-type brush entities Fixed Defrag haste timer not updating to Panorama Fixed Hammer freezing when changing entity class Fixed colorcorrection not working properly Fixed crash when determining recipients to multicast to Fixed rendering of jigglebones within model panels

July 29, 2023