0.9.11 Changelog

Added (4) Added False_’s machine gun animations Added ImGui versions of +showbudget, +showbudget_texture and +showbudget_texture_global panels Added new Defrag trigger_jumppad entity identical to Quake 3’s trigger_push (game/issues/2043) Added new player_speed entity as a port of target_speed from Quake 3 Defrag Fixed (1) RJ rockets fizzle in gaps where they shouldn’t (game/issues/1892) Improved (1) Improved console autocomplete behavior

May 9, 2023

0.9.10 Changelog

Added (9) Added %compileslick material parameter Added ‘maxprojectedtextures’ keyvalue to world entity to control projected texture limit Added CS:S stamina mapping mode cvar via mom_mv_stamina_enabled Added SetSlick player input to control slick status programmatically Added _nocubemapsprite to disable light sprites when building cubemaps Added compute shader support with stretchrect compute shader Added func_slick entity for Defrag slick behavior Added help (-h or -help) command line parameters to VBSP, VRAD, and VVIS Added imgui UI framework for fogui and CSM settings Fixed (8) Fix +showbudget_texture(_global) not showing data properly Fixed brush entities with primitive geometry not rendering correctly Fixed crash related to instances in VBSP Fixed crash related to static prop scaling Fixed screenshots not working with MSAA enabled Packed ....

April 29, 2023

0.9.9 Changelog

Added (6) Defrag groundboost indicator (game/issues/2035) Defrag: Add ammo KV to weapon spawners. (game/issues/1934) Defrag: Ammo limits (game/issues/1939) Defrag: Ammo pickups (game/issues/1938) New Plasma gun sound fx by Danny New Shotgun model by False_ Fixed (10) Can add ‘Absolute’ to speedometer list more than once (game/issues/1907) Fixed missing right-click animation for knife Fixed some convars not correctly being saved on game close Intermittent js error with snap target highlight (game/issues/2012) JS exception when trying to add ‘Energy’ speedometer (game/issues/1787) Javascript exception when entering settings menu (game/issues/1906) Map play button reverts back to download button when clicked (game/issues/2033) Snap zones not updating when picking up the haste powerup (game/issues/2019) regression: Jump stats allow over-unity gain (game/issues/2032) regression: compass ticks broken (game/issues/2029) Improved (5) Allow snd_mute_losefocus to duck audio by using value between 0 and 1 (value is amount ducked) Allow for more speedo options(rj) (game/issues/1770) Overhauled Speedometers to use KV3 format and have way more customization Reduced sound of shotgun to help save more eardrums Updated Defrag learn map from feedback given in Discord

April 1, 2023

0.9.8 Changelog

Added (4) Defrag Plasma Gun animations Defrag Rocket Launcher Machine Gun animations and world model New knife and anims Fixed (4) Custom layout toasts not identical to themselves (game/issues/1996) Icon missing in ‘View showcase run’ toast (game/issues/2006) JS exception in controls library toast buttons (game/issues/1997) Toast menus get cut off during shaking animation (game/issues/1803) Improved (4) Add label telling you to right-click in leaderboards/end of run panel (game/issues/1764) Make news panel description scrollable (game/issues/1990) Reduced volume of shotgun firing sound Replace ‘power off’ quit button with ’exit door’ icon when in map (game/issues/1992)

March 4, 2023

0.9.7 Changelog

Hello all! Apologies on the delay of this update, we plan to get right back on schedule with our release cadence. We’ve got a bunch of goodies for you, along with two breaking changes: DX11 is now the only way to play the game, as DX9 has been removed DXVK was updated to latest (v2.1), which requires a GPU that can run Vulkan 1.3 (use this site to see if your GPU is compatible) As mentioned in some Q&A streams, while we aren’t planning on making a graphically intensive game, we are keeping the Chaos engine (and therefore Momentum Mod) up to date with regards to graphics in order to to aid in debugging efforts, take advantage of performance improvements, and better futureproof our codebase....

February 15, 2023