0.9.16 Changelog

Added (2) Added “Keep Horizontal Speed” and “Keep Vertical Speed” options to trigger_jumppad Added cl_playeranimstate_transitions/sv_playeranimstate_transitions cvars to enable transitions in player animations Fixed (7) Bhop stats broken in 0.9.15 (game/issues/2083) Disabling damage indicators does not work (game/issues/2072) Fixed defrag weapons not having a cooldown and not spawning projectiles in spectate. Fixed faulty logic causing IK to be unusable Fixed occasional crash that could happen when using playvol command logic_format doesn’t work as intended (game/issues/2031) math_clamp does not OutValue current value (game/issues/1925) Improved (1) Removed devonly flag from showanimstate cvars

July 13, 2023

0.9.15 Changelog

Added (8) Added ConVar change listener method for Panorama Added Defrag pitch marker offset setting Added Defrag pitch marker width setting Added Defrag prime sight setting to lock all zones to one line Added pose parameter output to mdlinfo and improved output formatting mom_mv_df_additive_jumps cvar to enable buffered additive jumps in Vintage Defrag mom_mv_df_fast_rampslides cvar to enable Quake 2 rampslides in Vintage Defrag mom_mv_df_low_jumps cvar to enable Quake 1 style low jumps in Vintage Defrag Fixed (14) Defrag player gets stuck in narrow corners (game/issues/2068) Defrag player no longer gets random HOBs on downwards ramps (game/issues/2057) Fixed $detailtint not working on VertexLitGeneric with $phong Fixed 3D view in Hammer flickering when antialiasing was disabled Fixed Hammer crash when changing prop_static entity into prop_dynamic Fixed crash when decoding certain 8-bit WAV files Fixed handling of CRLF files in studiomdl on Linux Fixed nodraw/favourite button in Hammer sometimes not working Fixed occasional lockups on very large maps when opening portals Fixed vbsp not finding entities at “0 0 0” and leaking the map Holding crouch in Defrag while jumping doesn’t reset jump held status (game/issues/2075) Player can now skim over 44u ledges in VQ3 Defrag (game/issues/2062) Prime sight highlight selection wrong at non-1080p resolutions (game/issues/2079) Prime sight showing wrong zones/freezing (game/issues/2078) Improved (15) AddAmmo and ammo pickups now give (ammo - 1) to the player when the player has infinite ammo (game/issues/2073) Additive jumps in Vintage Defrag are now much more consistent Decouple Defrag HUD elements from cgaz position (game/issues/2076) Defrag player is no longer clipped to steep surfaces by default, removing sticky surf ramps Improved Defrag compass size by separating arrow and tick sizes Improved Defrag compass, windicator, and snaphud by decoupling offset from cgaz (existing configs will need to be adjusted!...

July 1, 2023

0.9.14 Changelog

Added (4) Added $.LoadKeyValues3File to load KV3 files Added Prime Sight HUD for Defrag Added distvariance sound parameter to sound scripts, allowing for distance blending to be tweaked instead of being tied to a cvar. Usage is distvariance "near, far" Re-enabled the following operators in the math_float sound operator: asinh, atanh, acosh, expm1, expm2, log2, log1p, logb, erf, erfc, gamma, lgamma, rint, nearbyint, roundtol and trunc Fixed (8) Fixed ‘scale’ being applied to all entities in Hammer Fixed Linux dependency issues for Panorama Fixed MRU material list getting reversed on every Hammer launch Fixed MSAA trying to be applied even when driver reported no support Fixed cl_csm_debug_2d Fixed modelscale not updating when undoing in Hammer Fixed possible crash when trying to interact with map window during load Fixed solids not rendering in Hammer Improved (2) Changed Hammer config to text format Replaced OpenAL with SDL for voice recording and removed dependency

June 20, 2023

0.9.13 Changelog

Added (7) Added crash feedback dialog Added ent_text debug output to logic_gate Added framerate limit to hammer 3D viewport to prevent GPU ramping up to 100% usage Added utility to dump shader documentation New mom_mv_df_clip_steep_ground for testing non-sticky surf ramps in Defrag Option to choose framerate limit in Hammer Option to disable lazy texture loading in Hammer Fixed (20) Crash loading jump_lanc_v3 (game/issues/2065) Curved walls in Defrag cause the player to get stuck (game/issues/1734) Defrag haste UI regression (game/issues/2058) Fixed Linux dependency issues for Panorama Fixed crash when sprite helper would have invalid model and parent tried to change scale kv Fixed game missing the depthresolve_ps50 shader Fixed loading of TF2 maps with v7 static prop lump Fixed logic_gate having incorrect starting state Fixed logic_gate state being incorrect after reloading a save Fixed model helper trying to use non-uniform scale on non-prop_static entities Fixed not being able to choose game config with doubleclick Fixed occasional hammer and game crash when reloading models Fixed png screenshots having a weird line in them in some cases Fixed png screenshots on maps with HDR being too dark Fixed rendering breaking when disabling postprocess on HDR maps Fixed the incorrectly sized viewport in HLMV and Faceposer Game and tools no longer rename themselves “MainThrd” on Linux Hammer camera button and statistics now render correctly RemoveDFWeapon output ignores weapon switch delay (game/issues/1884) Wait for timer to run out when removing Defrag weapons (fixes instant rocket -> plasma switch on df_precision) Improved (8) Converted hammer options to Qt Correct Defrag CPM swimming physics (game/issues/1843) HDR cubemaps are now stored in BC6H format LDR cubemaps are now stored in BC7 format Player no longer has 1-2 ups in Defrag when hitting corners at high speed Ported vgui debug system menu to ImGui Remove 1 ups when hitting corners at high speed in Defrag (game/issues/2064) Water movement is now more accurate in Defrag

June 6, 2023

0.9.12 Changelog

Added (4) Add speed mode for player_speed entity Added minimum speed threshold for calculating strafe synchronizer bar display (Settings > Interface > Synchronizer) Added strafe synchronizer functionality in Surf Damage boost time and slick time are now sent to UI Fixed (14) Crash when using bind command in console Defrag: Allow players to chain double jumps (game/issues/2052) Defrag: Allow players to jump when crouching under obstacles (game/issues/2053) Defrag: Damage boost pickup now gives damage boost effect instead of haste Defrag: Fix sticky stepup in CPM (game/issues/1844) Defrag: Funkyboosts now work in Defrag CPM Defrag: Removed machine gun recoil Fixed “_restart” not restarting the game (https://github....

May 21, 2023