We are pleased to announce that today we have begun development of a standalone mod based on Momentum called Shooty-Gun-Mod, or SGM for short. Shooty-Gun is based on the unique gameplay of terrorists fighting counter-terrorists, in order to plant and explode a bomb or prevent hostages from being rescued. 

We're excited to bring the key aspects of Momentum into the ground warfare of terrorists versus justice, and this new mod will be focusing primarily on combat rather than movement mechanics. But don't fret! We'll also try to include some (albeit limited) bunnyhopping in the maps that we're making for the mod!

We are considering basing a lot of the counter-terrorism units off of ones found worldwide, with the different uniforms, guns, and of course, accents. In addition, we're excited to convert some existing bunnyhop and surf maps into Shooty-Gun levels, such as bhop_aztec and surf_dust! we feel that the authors of these levels have carefully crafted a theme that we would like to emulate when creating SGM levels.

Here’s a very early development screenshot of SGM!

That’s all for now!

-Momentum Mod Team