The development team has been hard at work on the biggest update yet: pre-alpha 0.4.0.

This update is split into four sections: replays, comparisons, accurate timer, and map finished UI screen.

By far the largest addition is replays, which automatically record for every run and allow the player to watch their run or share it with others. In a future update we will upload these files to our global leaderboards to allow easy watching of any replay, as well as downloading from the in-game leaderboards.


Next is the comparisons panel, which compares the stats for your current run against your PB. The player can select which stats (if any) they wish to compare against. This will be modified in a future update to allow comparing to Top 10, WR, or any run the player selects.


We've overhauled our timer to be far more precise than any other timer that exists for surf and bhop. Read about how it works here

Finally, the map finished UI screen has also been updated to allow controls for watching replays, restarting a run, or simply closing the screen, as well as showing pages of stats for all zones.


As always, you can view the full release notes on our github release page

Happy speedrunning!

-Momentum Mod Team