Hey all,

Just wanted to post a quick update to let everyone know that Team Momentum is not dead, we are all alive and well! Things have been slowing down for the development team ever since university started again in August, but we’ve been still working hard on the mod in whatever free time we have. 

Here’s a quick preview of what we’ve been working on

2D/3D Artist 3dfix has been hard at work on the models and animations for our guns. We plan to add guns for each class of weapon used in CS:S, as a way to support older maps that contain shoot-boosts (such as bhop_badges).

Here’s a preview of the pistol model that he did. 

Artist Donutvikingchap has been working on concepts for the other guns. Here’s an SMG concept:

Flite has agreed to do sound design and music for us, and he whipped up a track to use in the tutorial level. Check out the (early) version here:


Programmers Rabsrincon and Gocnak have been working tirelessly on getting our website and CDN up to snuff for when we start allowing content such as map zone files, maps, and replays to be downloaded in-game. 

The programming team has also been working on fixing bugs and adding new features for the eventual release of 0.6.0. If you’ve contacted the team about a bug in the last two months, chances are it’s been fixed in the development branch on GitHub. 

That’s all for now! Apologies for the lack of updates on the development blog. You can blame me (tuxxi) for being busy or lazy or something.

- Team Momentum