0.6.1-prealpha is a small update that fixes many bugs and small annoyances reported in 0.6.0. 

Slight Annoyance Alleviated  

  • Added "Do not show again" checkboxes to version/zone warning MessageBoxes


  • Changed settings panel to disable child checkboxes (suggestion by Enjoy.)
  • Changed sv_noclipspeed to scale to maxvel (suggestion by lody)


  • Fixed checkpoints being corrupted upon map load
  • Fixed (most) crashes with changing resolution and exiting the game
  • Fixed ReplayUI to better scale for 1080p
  • Prevent playback of replays with different tickrate than current (will revist)
  • Fixed maps that crashed when using a fade-in trigger
  • Fixed spawn searching to prioritize info_player_start over info_player_(counter)terrorist
  • Fixed bug with cursor disappearing when net_graph was turned on
  • Fixed maps that use detail objects (for real this time)

As always, can download the new build on our GitHub page

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have bugs to report, suggestions, or feedback! We appreciate feedback from the community immensely.

-Team Momentum