It’s that time again! The team has been hard at work at fixing up and adding more goodies to the game. While this is another minor version update, with mostly bugfixes, we were able to add some of the features that 0.7.0 couldn’t quite get in time.

Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls

We’ve added a paint gun in this update! The beautiful model was done by the beautiful SethJH. You can spawn it with the command give weapon_momentum_paintgun on any map where it’s needed. Upon left clicking, a colorful spot is shot onto the world geometry. It should be noted that if a ramp is a model, the paint will not show up. Also, the paint has issues with overlapping. The first shot is the upper most layer!

Momentum logo in a heart made with paint

Right clicking gives the options menu, to change the scale of the paint decal, the color, and offers a few toggles for visibility and audibility of the gun.

Painting Hi

You Get a Decal, and You Get a Decal!

With this update, you can also enjoy the luxury of lobbing grenades at your friends in your lobby trying to actually play the game. Legend has it, if you jump onto a grenade thrown upwards, you *might* get a boost! You can also knife fight your friends now, and it *might* get bloody! It’s okay if you don’t hit, we’ve networked the decals for you so they can see the attempted murder.

Begone, Blindness!

The main reason this update took so long was because we had to afford eye surgery for all of of our playtesters because of the blinding white HTML menu. Due to an issue with Valve’s Chromium Embedded Frameworks not respecting alpha transparency anymore (for some reason), the menu showed up with a solid, glowing, white-hot background. It’s wonderful timing, to be honest: it started happening a few weeks after 0.7.0’s release. It’s also probably only one (or two) line(s) of code for Valve to fix it, but we weren’t able to charm any willing Steam developer into trying it. We also tried introducing our own version of CEF, but realized it wouldn’t be as cross-platform friendly as we would want. So, we’ll be using the VGUI menu from 0.6.2 for now. Maybe forever. We’ll see!

Main Menu

Fix Me? No, Fix You!

We’ve also fixed a bunch of bugs and stuff found inside of 0.7.0:

  • Mouse sensitivity has proper 0.0001 lower bound
  • Raw input now saves and loads correctly
  • Volume sliders now apply correctly
  • Mouse acceleration properly loads
  • Fixed unscaled sprites to have hammer's default 0.25 scale
  • Fixed dev console pausing the game
  • Prevent teleporting and practice mode while spectating
  • Reset the default shift bind to be +speed (instead of +walk)
  • Fixed jump count not accurately reflecting first jump out of the start zone
  • Fixed last jump speed being reset if strafing back into the start zone
  • Fixed replays being truncated early if strafing back into start zone
  • Fixed recommended video options strings for Linux/Mac
  • Fixed player names to default to yellow in lobby chat
  • Fixed weapon sounds for CS:S weapons/entities
  • Fixed shotgun pellet spread for lobbies
  • Fixed players being unable to drop the knife
  • Fixed online ghost entity panel visibility bugs
  • Fixed extra character being copied in RichText (developer console, changelog, etc)
  • Fixed tickrate command to not reset tickrate for bhop maps
  • Fixed trigger_momentum_slide bugs
  • Fixed sniper locking zoom after shooting and zooming at the same time
  • Fixed sniper not setting correct FOV after shooting and zooming at the same time

As always, we invite everybody to join the Momentum Mod Discord Server if you haven’t already, for a chance to get a pre-alpha playtesting key, as well as keeping up to date with the game’s affairs!

Keep on hoppin’ and slidin’, and until next time,
Momentum Mod Team