It’s that time again -- for bugfixes! 0.7.2 is another minor update aiming to fix a good chunk of bugs found in the previous version, along with some more small additions to the game.

Small Additions

  • New grenade model by BlockBuilder and SethJH
  • With a shiny new game for surfing and bhopping comes a shiny new grenade to replace to default HL2 one.

    Grenade model Grenade model alternate angle Grenade being thrown and exploding
  • Smoke trail to the pistol barrel

  • In some particle exploration, we’ve added a small smoke trail to the pistol. You can check it out by shooting and just looking at it!

    Pistol smoke emitting from pistol
  • Cvar to lower weapon after certain speed

Added all the way back in 2016, buried deep underground in a hidden Momentum research bunker and then dug out again in early 2018 comes an interesting feature: automatically lowering your weapon after a certain amount of speed. It’s completely user customizable, though it should be noted that on newer momentum weapons, the lower animation doesn’t exist (for now)! It will only work on the HL2 viewmodels for now.

Gun lowering at certain speed

Big Money Bugfixes

  • Fixed the main menu to properly scale to user resolution
  • 1440p users rejoice! We’ve made the menu scale to your resolution, so no more changing your “MOMENTUM SETTIN”, or missing text below the buttons!
  • Potentially fixed all rampbugs

In some pretty exciting news, our newest addition to the team, mev, has reworked some of the tracing done in the gamemovement code, and has come up with a solution to fix almost all of the rampbugs! A basis of 1000 tickrate was used to verify the changes, so don’t worry 1000 tick TASers out there, you should be covered too. If you happen to find any after this fix (on regular [66/100] tickrates), let us know!

A video showcasing the fix can be found here.

Small Money Bugfixes

  • Added missing token for "Respawn" button in menu
  • Fixed crash upon starting a map after joining lobby from menu
  • Fixed "(player) has respawned" being printed for those who leave the lobby
  • Fixed Spectator names UI not updating after your spectator left the lobby
  • Fixed bugs with lobby member UI when joining lobby from menu
  • Fixed slopejump boost to be more consistent
  • Fixed decal packet spam if host_timescale is not 1
  • Fixed bug where players would gain speed if stuck in geometry
  • Fixed bug where tickrate would reset to 66 tick for bhop maps when turning off sv_cheats
  • Fixed timer stopping when creating checkpoints (timer now only stops when you teleport to the checkpoint)
  • Fixed timer not starting when checkpoint menu was open
  • Fixed soundscapes on Linux (thanks TotallyMehis!)

Have you heard? With updates like these, we give out playtesting keys on our Discord Server, so we recommend joining that if any of these fixes excite you!
Until next time, Momentum Mod Team