Hello all, it’s been almost two months since 0.8.0 dropped, and as mentioned in that version’s changelog, we’ll be updating the game (a bit) more frequently now that a large chunk of groundwork was completed.

But first...

A Few Notes

  • We are resetting the leaderboards with each of these updates, up until we are comfortable with the systems in place enough to not warrant it. The leaderboards will also be wiped clean right before the public Beta (1.0.0), and hopefully never again after that. They were wiped in this version due to potential exploits found in 0.8.0, and will be wiped in 0.8.2 as we are refactoring the replay file format.
  • We appreciate the hype towards the game, and as a friendly reminder, the game is in private Alpha until the public Beta at 1.0.0, and requires a key to playtest. Simply wanting to just play is great, but not what we need right now. Keys are currently reserved for those looking to help the development of the game, to enable us to have the best 1.0.0 we can have. This includes, but is not limited to: developers, mappers, seasoned surf/bhop veterans, and of course some fresh eyes (newbs) to the genre as well. We’ve generated and given out over 400 keys but have only had at most 200 active playtesters, so we are being more careful about which keys are being given to whom. We want everyone to play, but at 1.0.0. Thank you all again for patiently waiting for this.
  • The website (https://momentum-mod.org) is only for playtesters to be able to fully use. While we were stoked to see over 2000 people signed up (!!!), the website is a companion to the most recent versions of the game, and functionally does little for those without access to the latest version. That being said, are you a web designer or programmer? We would love any help getting the website along faster (this means getting a key)! We currently only have two developers working on the website and would love any help we can get on it.

Alright, with those in mind, let’s get to the actual changelog.

Game Changes


  • Discord rich presence for Linux and Mac (thanks @kitlith !)
    • And a brand new toggle variable mom_discord_enable [0/1] to toggle Discord RPC on/off altogether
  • Overhauled Lobby Members panel that now shows lobby type, leader, and limit
    • Which includes being able to change the lobby type and member limit via mom_lobby_type and mom_lobby_max_players, respectively
    • Added ability to promote other user to lobby leader (only if lobby leader yourself)
    • Added ability to teleport to another playing player
  • Added popup to show when joining a lobby fails
  • Added map download overwrite confirmation dialog that warns you if the map you're going to download will overwrite an existing map of the same name in your maps folder
  • Allow online ghosts to bleed when shooting/knifing them
  • Added convar settings for initial tricksurf_ map support (thanks @bonjorno7 !)
  • Added ability to refresh map info by right clicking a map in the map selector
  • Added run submission states to display on the map finished HUD panel


  • Timer reset logic: You must now land on the ground inside of the start zone to properly reset your timer
  • Don't add local player to typing members list in chat
  • Improved wording for showing leaderboards / lobby panels in options
  • Keypress display now takes into account the sign of cl_yawspeed when showing turnbinds
  • Improved how the game handles saving run state when entering practice mode or spectating, or both:
    • If you enable practice mode while in a run, it'll teleport you back to where you were in the run unless you stop your timer
    • If you spectate while in practice mode, you will be teleported back, in practice mode, right to where you were when you started spectating
    • If you spectate from a run, it returns you right to where you were in the run
  • Improved layout of the paintgun panel to be proportional (scale to resolution) and simpler
  • Set in_keyboardsampletime back to 1 by default, 0 causes problems with turnbinds
  • Replay ghost is teleported when going to specific ticks so triggers can properly fire untouch events
  • Keypress display now shows if the player's hull is ducked rather than if they are only holding the duck key
  • Momentum settings tabs now scroll to the top of their pages upon tab show
  • Automatically update map selector with achieved PB/WRs
  • Updated FGD to have more Cabbage goodness (including CS:S spawn points and models/textures for more entities)
  • Added ping/RTT time to API requests logged with mom_api_log_requests 1
  • Added an "EveryTick" option to setspeed triggers
  • Enable mouse input for leaderboards/lobby members panel if spectator GUI has mouse input enabled
  • Added dropshadow to speedometer, syncbar, and keypress displays
  • Updated speed limiting logic:
    • Fixed start zone limiting to not limit Z velocity
    • Do not limit speed on leaving start zone in practice mode
    • Limit speed to walk speed (260 UPS) if entering start with no timer nor practice mode enabled
    • Limit speed to 0 UPS if disabling practice mode inside of the start zone


  • Fixed Map Selector on Linux not properly showing up
  • Fixed raw mouse input being disabled for OSX
  • Fixed Map Selector filter logic for map layout
  • Fixed spectate state of players being improperly set both in-game and for Discord RPC
  • Fixed edge case where players could spectate a player that just started spectating
  • Fixed map download progress bars being stuck while scrolling
  • Fixed auto-accepting discord "ask to join" requests and now urge players to use the client/overlay for it
  • Fixed runs starting with two jumps when jumping to start the run
  • Fixed runs starting with two strafes if having only strafed once at the start
  • Fixed maps not properly setting their movement vars, e.g. sv_maxvelocity
  • Fixed typing members list not properly clearing after leaving the lobby
  • Fixed weapons in lobbies being able to be heard from across the map regardless of distance
  • Fixed player FOV not resetting upon zooming in with and then promptly dropping the sniper
  • Fixed grenades not being thrown at the correct angle when throwing upwards
  • Fixed speedometer showing incorrect velocity for replay ghosts at max velocity
  • Fixed some ramps deadstopping or giving an extra boost to players in certain conditions
  • Fixed the WAITING FOR API RESPONSE label from showing up if the leaderboards already has online times on it when refreshing times
  • Fixed plugins from being able to be loaded without -mapping specified
  • Fixed strafe sync setting disabling other strafe sync settings in Momentum Settings
  • Fixed stuttering when changing replay timescale
  • (Potentially) fixed crash on start-up for OSX (needs testing and validation)
  • Fixed map images flickering upon downloading a cached map
  • Fixed settings in Momentum Settings not properly loading stored value
  • Fixed timer being able to reset while in practice mode
  • Fixed fps_max being limited to 1000 fps


  • Removed multiselect from Map Selector (click the icons to quickly add/remove multiple maps to/from library)
  • Removed collision with grenades for online ghosts (will be added back when we add trikz!)
  • Gameplay related convars (sv_maxvelocity, airaccel, etc) are now hidden and require -mapping to be able to change them. To see what the map's settings are, you can use mom_print_gamemode_vars if you are unsure.

Just a reminder that any bug reports or feature suggestions are very welcome and can be done through our GitHub issues page or the Discord server!

Website Changes


  • Updated to Angular 8 and Nebular 4 (things are gonna look a little different!)
  • Alias Locking
    • When changing your alias through the site, your alias becomes "locked" to that value
    • Aliases can be reset to follow changes to your steam username if they are locked with a click of a button


  • Use proper unicode charset for names to be able to store/handle names with emojis in them
  • Make most action buttons have a pointer cursor
  • Improved the layout of the map's quickstats on its info page


  • Fixed XSS found in markdown bios
  • Fixed longer runs being rejected
  • Fixed the "around" ranks for leaderboards to have the proper offset
  • Fixed layout of user profile page, especially when scaling the page to a smaller resolution
  • Fixed some instances where the dropdown select did not work (user reporting, map uploading)
  • Fixed site not properly scaling past 1080p resolutions (thank you mantas!)
  • Properly unsubscribe some observables (fixing some memory leaks and potential bad logic)

Momentum Map List Update

For this version, we are going to see if the Surf-implemented systems apply well enough to the Bhop game type. And thus, with this update, we have added 10 bhop maps as an initial test of them:

  • bhop_aimers_hell
  • bhop_arcane
  • bhop_dipl
  • bhop_eazy
  • bhop_jago
  • bhop_monority
  • bhop_monotonous
  • bhop_muchfast
  • bhop_pharma
  • bhop_sqee

On top of those maps, we have also added 5 more surf maps for users to try out and find bugs on:

  • surf_beginner
  • surf_milkyway
  • surf_mom
  • surf_pantheon
  • surf_rookie

Community Compilation 2

The second Momentum Mod community compilation, organized by OOSII, has been released as well! You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q6DK1eLfiU

Thank you to all that participated in it!

Until Next Time

With a somewhat more organized development process, we’re aiming to have 0.8.2 out relatively soon too, which will contain more fixes and features requested by you! Please join our Discord community if you have not already to keep the most up-to-date with the development of the game.

Until next time,
Nick (Gocnak) K.
Momentum Mod Project Lead