Added (9)

  • Added %compileslick material parameter
  • Added ‘maxprojectedtextures’ keyvalue to world entity to control projected texture limit
  • Added CS:S stamina mapping mode cvar via mom_mv_stamina_enabled
  • Added SetSlick player input to control slick status programmatically
  • Added _nocubemapsprite to disable light sprites when building cubemaps
  • Added compute shader support with stretchrect compute shader
  • Added func_slick entity for Defrag slick behavior
  • Added help (-h or -help) command line parameters to VBSP, VRAD, and VVIS
  • Added imgui UI framework for fogui and CSM settings

Fixed (8)

  • Fix +showbudget_texture(_global) not showing data properly
  • Fixed brush entities with primitive geometry not rendering correctly
  • Fixed crash related to instances in VBSP
  • Fixed crash related to static prop scaling
  • Fixed screenshots not working with MSAA enabled
  • Packed .mrf files not being loaded by mom_replay_playback entity (game/issues/2011)
  • Panorama border size changes when color is changed (game/issues/2045)
  • Snap hud offset calculated incorrectly (game/issues/2039)

Improved (2)