Added (4)

  • Add speed mode for player_speed entity
  • Added minimum speed threshold for calculating strafe synchronizer bar display (Settings > Interface > Synchronizer)
  • Added strafe synchronizer functionality in Surf
  • Damage boost time and slick time are now sent to UI

Fixed (14)

  • Crash when using bind command in console
  • Defrag: Allow players to chain double jumps (game/issues/2052)
  • Defrag: Allow players to jump when crouching under obstacles (game/issues/2053)
  • Defrag: Damage boost pickup now gives damage boost effect instead of haste
  • Defrag: Fix sticky stepup in CPM (game/issues/1844)
  • Defrag: Funkyboosts now work in Defrag CPM
  • Defrag: Removed machine gun recoil
  • Fixed “_restart” not restarting the game (
  • Fixed crash when sprite helper would have invalid model and parent tried to change scale kv
  • Fixed failing to create swapchain on some hardware
  • Fixed map instance resolution under Linux
  • Fixed model helper trying to use non-uniform scale on non-prop_static entities
  • Fixed some models not rendering in hammer
  • Fixed some rare cases of entity IO string corruption

Improved (4)

  • Calculation for ideal yaw rate has been generalized to include ground case (prespeed)
  • Entity IO can now send values of any data type to string inputs
  • HDR cubemaps are now stored in BC6H format
  • Improve synchronizer functionality (game/issues/2044)