Added (4)

  • Added $.LoadKeyValues3File to load KV3 files
  • Added Prime Sight HUD for Defrag
  • Added distvariance sound parameter to sound scripts, allowing for distance blending to be tweaked instead of being tied to a cvar. Usage is distvariance "near, far"
  • Re-enabled the following operators in the math_float sound operator: asinh, atanh, acosh, expm1, expm2, log2, log1p, logb, erf, erfc, gamma, lgamma, rint, nearbyint, roundtol and trunc

Fixed (8)

  • Fixed ‘scale’ being applied to all entities in Hammer
  • Fixed Linux dependency issues for Panorama
  • Fixed MRU material list getting reversed on every Hammer launch
  • Fixed MSAA trying to be applied even when driver reported no support
  • Fixed cl_csm_debug_2d
  • Fixed modelscale not updating when undoing in Hammer
  • Fixed possible crash when trying to interact with map window during load
  • Fixed solids not rendering in Hammer

Improved (2)

  • Changed Hammer config to text format
  • Replaced OpenAL with SDL for voice recording and removed dependency