Added (2)

  • Added “Keep Horizontal Speed” and “Keep Vertical Speed” options to trigger_jumppad
  • Added cl_playeranimstate_transitions/sv_playeranimstate_transitions cvars to enable transitions in player animations

Fixed (7)

  • Bhop stats broken in 0.9.15 (game/issues/2083)
  • Disabling damage indicators does not work (game/issues/2072)
  • Fixed defrag weapons not having a cooldown and not spawning projectiles in spectate.
  • Fixed faulty logic causing IK to be unusable
  • Fixed occasional crash that could happen when using playvol command
  • logic_format doesn’t work as intended (game/issues/2031)
  • math_clamp does not OutValue current value (game/issues/1925)

Improved (1)

  • Removed devonly flag from showanimstate cvars