VPhysics Traces (6)

  • VPhysics traces now report complete hit surface info
  • Fixed VPhysics traces sometimes not hitting displacements, especially more axis-aligned ones
  • Fixed VPhysics point traces not hitting brush entities
  • Improved performance of VPhysics traces against displacements
  • VPhysics traces now generally behave more like non-VPhysics ones
  • Added traceray_test command for testing collision trace behavior

Added (7)

  • Added input for setting mouse sensitivity in distance per 360 (game/issues/2047)
  • Added ConVar “traceray_force_vphysics” for testing (1 = Use VPhysics collisions for displacements, 2 = for everything)
  • Added ConVar “traceray_unshrink_vphysics_brushes” which unshrinks VPhysics-type brush entities
  • Added Railgun, Lightning Gun, and Machine Gun to Defrag
  • Added mom_df_knockback_method cvar to control how the Defrag splash damage bounding box is calculated
  • Added mom_df_lg_damage cvar to control lightning gun splash damage
  • mom_df_lg_radius cvar to control lightning gun splash radius

Fixed (5)

  • Fixed crash when omitting certain child elements from the Panorama loading screen panel
  • Fixed crash when popup-manager.xml is invalid (the game now exits with an error dialogue)
  • Fixed hang on start when the engine is told to play an invalid startup movie
  • Fixed rare possibility for a trace that starts inside a world brush or entity and then runs into a different entity to pass through that entity
  • Use more accurate bounding box for splash damage in defrag.

Improved (1)

  • Reduced the number of required child elements for the Panorama main menu and intro movie