Hello! We added support for including introductions in our autogenerated changelogs!

This week we’ve made various QoL improvements to the console, which should now feel much more like the traditional VGUI version (thanks rio!). We’ve also improved the railgun sounds (thanks Mango!) and conc textures a bit (False_!), and explosions no longer release revolting blue goo (also False_!).

Console (10)

  • Console autocomplete and history can now be navigated with tab and shift+tab, like in other games
  • Console input is now immediately filled in when navigating the autocomplete menu (game/issues/1776)
  • Autocomplete now correctly shows the first 100 results alphabetically out of all matches, instead of just the first 100 found
  • Input history no longer saves empty or duplicate inputs
  • The backtick key () will now always close the console if it is open (controlled by con_backtick_always_closes`)
  • Closing the console now also automatically closes the game menu
  • Pressing ESC will now clear the console input box if it has text, otherwise it will close the console
  • Closing the console no longer clears the input box automatically
  • Opening console no longer opens the main menu (game/issues/1966)
  • Remove blank lines from console history (game/issues/1972)

Added (1)

  • Exposed SetSelected(bool) on RadioButton in Panorama JavaScript API

Fixed (3)

  • Fixed Panorama UI controller movement always moving right no matter the input direction
  • Fixed shaded textured view not working
  • Missing null check in sensitivity calculator resulted in ‘NaN’ in input box

Improved (7)

  • Hammer fix map dialog now will try to warn about unused keyvalue typos of existing keyvalues are not set, instead of suggesting to remove them
  • Hammer options dialog now only saves settings when pressing OK button
  • Hammer options dialog now updates 2D/3D views when changing visual settings
  • Panorama XML parsing errors should now give more context to the error
  • Updated Conc models and textures (game/issues/2090)
  • Updated Railgun sound (game/issues/2089)
  • Updated explosion decals (game/issues/2091)