Added (3)

  • Added ModelPanel methods to change/enumerate flexes
  • Added ModelPanel methods to change/enumerate pose parameters
  • Added ModelPanel methods to change/enumerate sequences

Fixed (5)

  • Equip Defrag machine gun on spawn
  • Fixed displacement tool sometimes making 2D views to not update
  • Fixed logic_branch not firing _OnLogicBranchRemoved to its listeners
  • Fixed panorama not loading images when game was started with +map
  • Fixed point entities in 2D view not drawing outlines and text

Improved (11)

  • Game no longer creates soundcache directory in maps folder when not needed
  • Logical view in hammer now draws its title
  • Made vmf saving a little bit more robust to not keep corrupted file on crash
  • Move to visgroup dialog now shows user visgoups as well
  • Overlays in hammer should no longer z-fight with wall they are on
  • Panorama now can handle texture reloading without freaking out
  • Removed max limit on texlights in vrad
  • Toggling maximized view in hammer now doesn’t break active mouse look
  • Transform dialog now shows 1 as placeholder when scaling
  • Un-developered sv_soundemitter commands
  • material_modify_control now should be able to handle when materials are modified by vbsp (cubemap fixup or wvt patch) on newly compiled maps