Added (3)

  • Added CSM and flashlight to lightmappedreflective
  • Added gameui_activate command to Steam Input command list
  • Added zoom, toggleconsole, showconsole and hideconsole commands to be usable in steam input

Fixed (7)

  • Adjusted folder mounting order to fix wrong assets occasionally being used
  • Change default engine cubemap from de_vertigo’s to a black cubemap (game/issues/2074)
  • Fixed Hammer inserting extra quotation marks for compile commands #753
  • Fixed VBSP not always acknowledging parameters in patched materials
  • Fixed flashlight making some opaque water disappear
  • Fixed the map name not displaying in the top right corner #912
  • Made ModelPanel rotation speed consistent regardless of FPS

Improved (7)

  • Allowed the game to run alongside other Source games without -multirun #268
  • Displacements now use the more accurate VPhysics collisions by default (traceray_force_vphysics 1)
  • Ported Hammer Arch and Torus dialogs to Qt
  • Ported Hammer Map Diff dialog to Qt
  • Removed SFUI prefixes from all localization files
  • Unamed instances can now use func_instance_io_proxy
  • Update Audio Settings to use new MixGroups (game/issues/2097)