Added (4)

  • Added a mandatory whitelist file for panorama’s AsyncWebRequest function. The -unrestrictedwebrequests launch argument will skip this file and allow all requests
  • Added option to set paint colour from surface normal (mom_paint_color_from_normal) (game/issues/951)
  • Added support for escape sequences \n, \t, \", and \\ in VMF and BSP #60 #1899
  • Added support for multiroot KV1 in kv3t.

Fixed (17)

  • Crash when firing Defrag machine gun or railgun
  • Fixed Hammer crashes related to entity outputs
  • Fixed Hammer crashes related to saving and loading files
  • Fixed -multirun not working #882
  • Fixed player_speedmod not working in singleplayer when inputs are not called directly from the player
  • Fixed certain VTFs failing to load due to added resources (game/issues/1223)
  • Fixed explosive decals appearing on both sides of thin brush surfaces (game/issues/1929)
  • Fixed hammer block tool creating brushes that stick out 0.25 units in each direction
  • Fixed instance outputs bugs
  • Fixed issues with some collision traces, notably bullet impact traces on displacements
  • Fixed opening the game menu sometimes requiring an extra ESC input. (game/issues/2102)
  • Fixed sticky explosive decals not appearing on walls/ceilings (game/issues/1929)
  • Fixed string truncation when using SetMessage input on point_worldtext
  • Fixed trigger_look not working (game/issues/1617)
  • Prevent a crash when the surface vertex count exceeds the max decal vertex limit
  • [Hammer] using ‘\n’ in any text field will cause hammer to error out while trying to open the vmf (game/issues/1899)
  • point_worldtext input ‘SetMessage’ does not change passed 7 letters (game/issues/1905)

Improved (5)

  • Fogui FarZ can now be set to -1 (Default value), which disables the override
  • Fogui now allows users to enter and copy numbers manually on sliders
  • Made SJ/RJ/defrag explosion decals fade out (controlled by mom_sj_decals_fade/mom_rj_decals_fade/mom_df_decals_fade) (game/issues/2101)
  • Ported Select Entity dialog to Qt
  • ambient_generic now finds Sound Source entity’s every time it is played, not only when initialized