Gamemode System (6)

  • All ConVars with gamemode-specific values can now be viewed with mom_print_modevars. This shows which ConVars are supported by the current gamemode and their default values.
  • Added new ConVars for offline customization of gamemode movement: mom_mv_limit_ground_speed, mom_mv_limit_jump_speed, and mom_mv_limit_jump_speed_factor
  • Renamed or refactored some ConVars. Use mom_print_modevars to see an updated list of ConVars relevant to gamemodes.
  • Removed the “Unknown” gamemode.
  • Added mom_gamemode_fallback, which specifies which gamemode should be used when the game can’t determine an appropriate gamemode from the current map. This has lower priority than mom_gamemode_override.
  • Using mom_gamemode_override will now persist until changing the override, loading a map from the map selector, or restarting the game. Previously, the override would be cleared after loading a map from the console in some cases.

Added (3)

  • Added language support for Indonesian
  • Jump sound for all gamemodes, controlled with cvar “mom_play_jump_sound”. Off by default. (game/issues/2070)
  • Player takes full deceleration on jump when +strafe is held for a certain number of ticks before and after the jump. Controlled by the “mom_mv_ahop_strafe_decel_ticks_prejump” and “mom_mv_ahop_strafe_decel_ticks_postjump” cvars.

Fixed (2)

Improved (3)

  • Defrag player now autoswitches to next best weapon when out of ammo (game/issues/2081)
  • Ported displacement noise dialog to Qt
  • SplineRope shader now supports $baseTextureTransform and $color params