Refactored (5)

  • Removed the Chaos prefix from any Panorama panels/panels that had it. ChaosHud is now Hud, ChaosMainMenu is now MainMenu, and so on.
  • Removed the Chaos prefix from any Panorama events that had it. ChaosFrameUpdate is now FrameUpdate, ChaosShowIntroMovie is now ShowIntroMovie, and so on.
  • Renamed chaos_hud_menu_show command to hud_menu_show
  • Renamed chaos_hud_menu_hide command to hud_menu_hide
  • Renamed chaos_hud_menu_reload command to hud_menu_reload

Removed (2)

  • Removed ChaosPopupManager from Panorama. Use PopupManager instead.
  • Removed ChaosTooltipManager from Panorama. Use TooltipManager instead.

Added (5)

  • Added an overlay plane when using Hammer’s Clipping Tool
  • Added buildambientcache concommand to pack ambient light cache into bsp
  • Added checkpoint system for KZ.
  • Added support for AVX/AVX2 (and other modern x86 extensions) in VRAD. If your processor doesn’t support it (or if you pass -noavx), it will fallback to a more generic version of VRAD.
  • Added Comparisons HUD option to settings

Fixed (13)

  • Fixed DX11 swapchain creation failing in some cases
  • Fixed a bug causing ambient_generic to not use the correct source entity when played using the Toggle input
  • Fixed a bug preventing ambient_generic entities without the ‘Start Silent’ flag from playing
  • Fixed crash when ContextMenuFadoutTime is undefined
  • Fixed crash-on-exit in most utilities on Linux. This was a harmless crash, but annoying nonetheless.
  • Fixed dynamic game mounts when running under WINE
  • Fixed hammer 3D view selection not working properly with instances
  • Fixed materials being used for ropes and anything else simultaneously sometimes not being drawn (e.g. on surf_arcade)
  • Fixed packing of certain files into VPKs with vpk.exe
  • Fixed vgui_script trying to create a video material every frame when it fails to load
  • Load gameevents.res and modevents.res from the MOD search path instead of GAME. Previously, custom folder and workshop addons could unintentionally break things.
  • News component now uses up-to-date Steam feed
  • Fixed settings import/export dialogue

Improved (8)

  • Cleaned up some console spam
  • Display times on end of run graph axis as time strings (game/issues/1995)
  • Hid some potentially buggy debug console commands
  • Improved L4D1 and ASW model compatiblity
  • Improved behavior of vpk.exe on Windows
  • Load particles_manifest.txt from MOD search path. This is to prevent workshop addons overriding it. The additional BSP-packed particles_manifest.txt is unaffected by this change.
  • Removed controller support in Momentum
  • Static prop ambient light cache is now stored