Hi all! As before, most of our current work is happening on a separate 0.10.0 branch, which we aim to get out on Steam in the nearish future.

Most noticable thing in this update is a fix to Defrag movement (thanks Lumia), as well as a significant improvement to map loading times, thanks to some filesystem optimizations by OzxyBox.

Added (3)

  • Added ’enable’ key to mounts.kv, to allow entries to be selectively disabled
  • Added a status indicator for validity of autosave paths in the Hammer options dialog
  • Running in tools mode will now display [Tools Mode] in the window title

Fixed (8)

  • Fixed CSM fading out unintentionally on PBR brushes
  • Fixed incorrect lighting on PBR shader in some cases
  • Fixed lightmappedreflective combo error
  • Fixed particle editor crash when adding a new operator
  • Fixed tools mode closing/swapping input when scrolling with the mouse
  • In Hammer, use non-native file selector for instances when running under WINE
  • Use the Strata icon for the engine instead of the old Chaos icon
  • mom_mv_df_physics resets all relevant cvars

Improved (3)

  • HLMV now uses the same audio system as the game. This allows sound operators and more to function correctly.
  • Improved loading times for when using many search paths
  • Load dsp_presets.txt from MOD path

Other (1)

  • Fixed dialog variable strings in top right of leaderboards component