Hi all!

This update removes the dreaded -mapping launch option, so Learn section, zoning commands and various convars like host_timescale can be used without it, so long as you have sv_cheats set to 1. This refactor was a major item of our 0.10.0 todo list, but made sense to get into the Steam branch straight away.

Also, this update should actually fix Defrag movement. It’s been a very hard bug to replicate and fix, but this time we think we’ve finally squashed it :)

Refactored (1)

  • Removed -mapping and replaced it with sv_cheats

Added (2)

  • Added 2 new launch arguments, -display to select which monitor the game will start on, and -adapter to select which GPU the game will render with
  • Added new VProf UI, perf counters UI and VProf report generator UI. The old VProf tree UI has been removed in favor of the new UI.

Fixed (4)

  • Fixed certain datamodel files not loading on Linux
  • Fixed file lookups on Linux occasionally failing
  • Fixed model browser stretching
  • Made Defrag cvars use CPM values by default instead of VQ3 values

Improved (6)

  • Added new categorization method for imgui windows. Should be easier to navigate now.
  • Improved Panorama stability and logging
  • Improved performance when resizing the game window
  • Removed the launch argument -debugstartupscreen
  • The ambient light cache is now rebuilt for changes in map revision
  • The ambient light cache version has been increased to 3