Hi! As usual, most work is being done on our internal 0.10 branch.

This update fixes certain cvars being locked being sv_cheats 1 since removing -mapping mode, and a crash on close that we introduced last update.

We also have various fixes to the PBR shader, and should have some new PBR materials coming in the near-ish future!

Added (3)

  • Added GameInterfaceAPI.GetCurrentMap to Panorama
  • Added PBR parallax dithering to smooth out the appearance of layers
  • Added packed_files_list to view files packed into the BSP

Fixed (7)

  • Fixed crash when exiting the game using the close window button
  • Fixed PBR parallax using texture coordinates from the layer below the correct one
  • Fixed WVT and PBR materials not rendering properly when used on displacements (game/issues/2027)
  • Fixed some objects not rendering in Hammer 2D views
  • Fixed window size bug on Linux
  • Re-enable $depthblend in SpriteCard shader
  • cl_drawhud, r_drawclipbrushes and various other debug commands no longer require sv_cheats 1

Improved (1)

  • Hlmv link mode now syncs light state and colors

Other (1)

  • mat_softwareskin / mat_softwarelighting allows for more accurate vertex normals (game/issues/960)