Added (7)

  • Added mom_df_cpm_rocket_method to control the calculation of horizontal CPM rocket knockback
  • Added mom_df_cpm_rocket_thresh to control the horizontal CPM rocket knockback threshold
  • Added mom_df_smooth_duck cvar to control whether ducking is smooth in Defrag
  • Added mom_play_land_sound cvar to control landing sounds
  • Added theming support for imgui
  • Added Defrag hitscan (Shotgun & Gauntlet) weapons (game/issues/1933)
  • Momentum can now play the MomPlayer.LandSoft and MomPlayer.LandHard sounds on landing.

Fixed (2)

  • Fixed crash when creating a prefab in Hammer
  • Horizontal rocket knockback in CPM is now more lenient

Improved (1)

  • Ducking and unducking in defrag is now smoothly animated by default.