Hi all! This update introduces some experimental water movement changes in TF2-based modes that we’re looking for feedback on, which you can play with with mom_mv_tf_flat_sharking 1 and different mom_mv_tf_shark_vertical_speed values. Get sloshin'!

Added (3)

  • Experimental sharking movement in TF2 based modes which removes water bobbing RNG
  • mom_mv_tf_flat_sharking cvar to control sharking movement (defaults to 0)
  • mom_mv_tf_shark_vertical_speed cvar to control how much extra speed to add to rocket jumps while sharking

Fixed (14)

  • Can fire stickybombs with zero ammo (game/issues/2137)
  • Increased value of sv_max_allowed_developer to 99
  • Increased value of sv_max_allowed_net_graph to 99
  • Player can no longer fire sticky bombs in the buffer period when out of ammo
  • Player can no longer instantly re-duck in RJ and SJ (fixes losing speed in some water jumps while crouching.)
  • Player can now jump while crouched in TF2-based modes when autohop is enabled
  • Sticky bomb launcher always consumes ammo when firing stickies
  • Fixed -console showing the vgui console in panorama mode, and not working with the panorama console
  • Fixed backslashes not working in older BSPs, and increased the entity lump version to 1
  • Fixed being unable to switch back to default devui theme in the menu bar
  • Fixed crash in the particle editor when attempting to add new item to the root particle node
  • Fixed crash when loading malformed or missing VCDs
  • Fixed issue in the particle editor on Linux related to adding new operators
  • Fixed issue with dynamic mounts in Hammer when running in Wine or Proton

Improved (4)

  • All modes now produce soft and hard landing sounds
  • mom_impact_view_punch_enable is no longer cheat protected
  • mom_mv_disable_impact_view_punch is renamed to mom_impact_view_punch_enable and defaults to 0
  • Misc engine stability improvements