Added (2)

  • Added VBSP flag -upgradeversion which upgrades an existing BSP to Strata Source BSP version 25
  • Added mountinfo executable to print search paths used by the game

Fixed (5)

  • Fixed ahop +strafe speed nerf not working if strafe keys were held (game/issues/2144)
  • Fixed some displacements in older maps having no collision when traceray_force_vphysics is enabled
  • Player can no longer flat shark while crouching
  • Player doesn’t get grounded while attempting flat sharking
  • Water friction ticks are applied immediately at the start of flat sharking

Improved (4)

  • Improvements to RJ water consistency (game/issues/1363)
  • Replaced dump_entity_sizes with cl_dump_entity_sizes and sv_dump_entity_sizes
  • Replaced dumpentityfactories with cl_dump_entity_factories and sv_dump_entity_factories
  • Replaced dumpentitynamespaces with cl_dump_entity_namespaces and sv_dump_entity_namespaces