Added (4)

  • Added ConVar traceray_seamshots_enable (default disabled)
  • Exposed $.SystemInDarkMode() function to panorama to query system dark theme status
  • Image preview in hammer now shows all $baseTextures that material has
  • Ported Hammer’s Paste Special dialog to Qt

Fixed (6)

  • Fixed an uncommon crash when loading into maps with a compressed entity lump
  • Fixed hammer window title being H
  • Fixed occasional Hammer crashes when changing targetnames or undoing, related to entity IO
  • Fixed rare crash when standing on displacements
  • Fixed webm recordings encoding incorrectly
  • Hammer game configuration dialog will now repopulate entity dropdowns when fgd list changes

Improved (4)

  • Ported Hammer Sound Browser to Qt
  • Replaced MFC texture browser and texture replace dialog with Qt one
  • Slightly decreased memory usage
  • env_spritetrail no longer draws a segment where it teleported