Hey all, happy new years! Here’s to another great year of Momentum development!

Full Changelog

Fixed (10)

  • Fixed crash at surf_mesa spawn
  • Fixed crash when building cubemaps if none are present in the map
  • Fixed crashes observed on surf_classics
  • Fixed crashes observed when mounting CS:S
  • Fixed fog being inconsistent in PBR shader
  • Fixed mat_showcamerarendertarget not working
  • Fixed screenshots not working with antialiaising enabled
  • Fixed text in Hammer being blurry
  • JS Exception in chat.js (game/issues/1958)
  • Visual artifacts in surf_summer spawn area (resulting from incorrect depth blur)

Improved (5)

  • Ammo HUD: Use dialog variable (game/issues/1955)
  • Depth resolve (and r_depthoverlay) implemented in DX11
  • Devices that do not support DX11 will no longer try to boot the game (and crash)
  • Linux loading performance should be greatly improved
  • Port Depth of Field shader to dx11 (game/issues/1952)