Hello all!

Apologies on the delay of this update, we plan to get right back on schedule with our release cadence. We’ve got a bunch of goodies for you, along with two breaking changes:

  • DX11 is now the only way to play the game, as DX9 has been removed
  • DXVK was updated to latest (v2.1), which requires a GPU that can run Vulkan 1.3 (use this site to see if your GPU is compatible)

As mentioned in some Q&A streams, while we aren’t planning on making a graphically intensive game, we are keeping the Chaos engine (and therefore Momentum Mod) up to date with regards to graphics in order to to aid in debugging efforts, take advantage of performance improvements, and better futureproof our codebase. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, however, hardware that does not support DX11 is perhaps hardware that should most likely be replaced nowadays.

Full Changelog

Added (11)

  • Add -aoradius to vrad as alternative to -aoscale
  • Add detailed information about jump (gain percentage, efficiency percentage) and strafe trainer bar (game/issues/1629)
  • Added Defrag weapon settings to settings
  • Added sleep_when_meeting_framerate option to video settings
  • Added custom soundmixer contexts for easier player-controlled game-specific sound categories
  • Added non-uniform prop scaling via the ‘scale’ parameter
  • Allow non-uniform scaling of prop_static (game/issues/1998)
  • Defrag: Damage boost pickup (game/issues/1847)
  • Defrag: Damage boost player entity inputs (game/issues/1846)
  • Defrag: Haste pickup (game/issues/1814)
  • [Panorama] Alpha axis in color picker panel (game/issues/1585)

Fixed (19)

  • CGAZ Mirror zones flicker (game/issues/1971)
  • CGAZ mirror zones are drawn incorrectly with the Haste powerup (game/issues/1970)
  • Crash in CMomentumPlayer::DisableWeaponAndSwitch (game/issues/1875)
  • Fix crash in Hammer when removing an element
  • Fix crash on maps using multiplayer physics props
  • Fix crash when loading maps with world portals
  • Fix crash when loading surf_cyberwave after bhop_recharge
  • Fix crash when player being spectated left the lobby
  • Fix jump_academy crash when TF2 isn’t mounted
  • Fix specular reflections on brush PBR
  • Fixed VRAD not compiling on high performance power options
  • Fixed entering practice mode getting the player stuck in the ceiling (game/issues/1735)
  • Fixed error when doing respawn_entities on a BSPZipped map
  • Fixed overlays disappearing after repacking a BSP
  • Fixed pitch marker being never drawn in Defrag (game/issues/1986)
  • Resolve panorama debugger crashes
  • Spectating icon not visible in chat (game/issues/1974)
  • mom_replay_playback entity no longer works (game/issues/1978)
  • bhop_pharma r_unloadlightmaps 1 perf issue. (game/issues/1976)

Improved (19)

  • Add triple monitor mode to settings
  • Added option to color jump stats on synchronizer (game/issues/1963)
  • Improve error handling if no compatible GPU is available
  • Improved handling mounting the platform/ folder
  • Optimize the memory that VBSP uses
  • Panorama file + folder layout improvements
  • Removed DX9 shaders and launch option, defaulting to DX11
  • Restructured jump stats to print on takeoff (game/issues/1964)
  • Small optimizations to VRAD to aid in reducing compile times
  • Update DXVK to 2.1 (this requires GPU driver support for Vulkan 1.3!)
  • Update Panorama sass parser to 1.58.0
  • Update SDL to 2.26.2
  • Update V8 to 11.2.76
  • Update bhop stats to be percentages where ratios are shown (game/issues/1961)
  • Update jump stats panel to show strafes per jump instead of total strafes (game/issues/1960)
  • Updated Panorama debugger to use more consistent rendering
  • Use higher precision when making brush cuts in Hammer (game/issues/1988)
  • Various improvements to game startup time
  • Various miscellaneous crash fixes