Added (6)

Fixed (10)

  • Can add ‘Absolute’ to speedometer list more than once (game/issues/1907)
  • Fixed missing right-click animation for knife
  • Fixed some convars not correctly being saved on game close
  • Intermittent js error with snap target highlight (game/issues/2012)
  • JS exception when trying to add ‘Energy’ speedometer (game/issues/1787)
  • Javascript exception when entering settings menu (game/issues/1906)
  • Map play button reverts back to download button when clicked (game/issues/2033)
  • Snap zones not updating when picking up the haste powerup (game/issues/2019)
  • regression: Jump stats allow over-unity gain (game/issues/2032)
  • regression: compass ticks broken (game/issues/2029)

Improved (5)

  • Allow snd_mute_losefocus to duck audio by using value between 0 and 1 (value is amount ducked)
  • Allow for more speedo options(rj) (game/issues/1770)
  • Overhauled Speedometers to use KV3 format and have way more customization
  • Reduced sound of shotgun to help save more eardrums
  • Updated Defrag learn map from feedback given in Discord