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0.8.8 - Bring the Chaos

Why, hello there! :) The last 4 months have been massive for the project. With getting access to the Source Engine’s inner demons, the team has been hard at work porting the game to the Chaos Source engine, and we have some pretty big news regarding it, so strap on in! Bring the Chaos 0.8.8 marks the first build of Momentum Mod on the Chaos Source engine branch....

April 14, 2021

You Got a License for That?

Hello everyone, I have some extremely exciting news!! Momentum Mod was granted engine access by Valve! Firstly, this would not have been possible without the immense help from the team at Chaos Initiative, specifically CitadelCore and Tewan. With their guidance and direct help, we have been able to successfully get through to Valve to obtain access to the licensed Source Engine codebase! And that is not all!...

November 29, 2020

0.8.4 Changelog

Hello all! I’m hoping you’re all staying safe and sound during these turbulent times. Washing hands, staying inside playing video games all day, working from home, washing your hands… Staying in lockdown has been bittersweet for me; on one hand, cancelling a planned-months-in-advance trip and changing my daily routine, but on the other hand, having ample time to work on Momentum... So buckle up, because we have quite a sticky update for you!...

March 24, 2020

0.8.3 Changelog

Hello everyone! It’s the new year, and we have quite the new update for Momentum! New Year, New Update, New Rocket Jump Assets Since we’ve implemented rocket jump in the last version, this version aims to improve upon that initial implementation, including some fresh and new assets related to the game mode. The rocket launcher has been given a giant facelift, thanks to Lucifer, Bonjorno, and Vortex....

January 30, 2020
Another year, another update!

0.8.0 Changelog

Another year, another update! Hello all, it’s that time again for another momentous occasion! It’s been over a year and (almost) two months since the last released update, 0.7.2. A lot has happened since then, so I am extremely pleased to finally be able to talk about the next step for Momentum. 0.8.0 is a major milestone for Momentum Mod as it lays all of the groundwork for the future of the game....

May 7, 2019